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Clothing is immodest if, by its style, cut, coloration, or fit, hinders others from looking at your face. School dress code items are to be worn all week for academic work, for official school functions, on or off-campus. PLEASE, No outdated, dirty, wrinkled, or ragged clothing.

The dress code for the summer is NOT in effect. However, depending on the summer program the school dress code may be implemented. Students and parents will be informed as necessary.

These principles work wonderfully; however, problems arise when opinions differ as to what is modest, offends, or is honoring. Therefore, the following guidelines have been researched and determined as good, safe regulations on how our students should dress.

The following guidelines will be enforced…


  • Any color casual pants that are in good condition.
  • Sweatpants, jeans, windbreaker pants, pajama pants are not permitted.
  • Collared, solid color shirt of any color.
  • Shirt must be buttoned up excluding the top button at all times.
  • 2” logos or emblems may be worn in the classroom.
  • Dress shoes or solid black, brown, or navy blue casual shoes as well as athletic shoes may be worn in the classroom. Boys’ shoes that reflect a feminine style and heel will not be permitted. No boots are permitted to be worn in the classrooms.
  • No jewelry (necklace, bracelet, earrings) or apparel that might suggest a feminine appearance may be worn.
  • Hair is to be neatly groomed at all times.  


  • A modest, loose-fitting skirt (no culottes), the length needs to be no shorter than 2” above the knee. Jumpers that extend to at least the knees are acceptable.  
  • Collared, solid shirt of any color.  
  • Shirt must be buttoned up excluding the top button at all times.  
  • Dresses that cover the shoulders and cover the entire shoulder as well as at the knees can be worn.  
  • Dress shoes or solid black, brown, or navy blue casual shoes as well as athletic shoes maybe worn in the classroom.  
  • No open-toed shoes or sandals may be worn (preschool).  
  • Light makeup may be worn.  
  • Only one earring is permitted in the lobe of each ear. No large dangling earrings.  
  • Parents, if your child will be wearing a dress or a skirt, please have them wear shorts underneath. (Preschool)


Teachers will note violations of dress code standards with a demerit (see demerit system explained in detail) and provide counsel as necessary for students. Obvious violations of the dress code may necessitate that a student remain in the school office until the parent(s)/guardian(s) bring a change of clothing or the student in violation will be sent home to correct the situation until the dress code is met. Any resulting absences will be unexcused. Areas of subjectivity are left to the discretion of the supervisors and administration.

The administration of Dynamic System of Schools has the right to deem clothing unacceptable. If a student comes to school wearing unacceptable clothing, the student will be required to go home. The student will not be permitted back on campus until he/she is wearing proper attire.

Summary: The dress code is presented in detail so that our school families will have a clear understanding of the standards agreed to when students are enrolled in the school. The standards are not meant to be divisive or depict a pseudo-righteousness. The school does not impose rules for students outside of school, rather the school recognizes parental authority and depends on parents to support the dress code by checking their children before school each day.