About Us

Who Are We

Dynamic System of Schools is intentionally and purposefully created with our students’ futures in mind. The goal is to expand educational opportunities to increase career options. Dynamic students have an innate spiritual calling and we offer a multitude of classes in order to craft that calling.

Dynamic offers the School of STEM (7th-12 Grades) and an Early Literacy program (Pre-K through 2nd Grade).

Not Your Typical Private School

Dynamic System of Schools is a faith-based private school focused on individuality and creativity. God has created each student individually with their own task to fulfill in this world.

It is the purpose and intent of the administrators, staff, and teachers to help draw out and magnify the individualistic talents of our students. Coupled with advanced learning opportunities and increasing global competitiveness with vast career opportunities our students will forever change the social and economic landscape of minorities through education.

Each year our board decides on a theme surrounding STEM education. Many of our classes focus on the theme to a desired end of the concept/presentation.

What We Do

OUR 2023-24 THEME is “STEM for the ENVIRONMENT”

Our four pillars will include:

  • Environmental Sustainability;
  • Horticulture & Agriculture;
  • Climate Control & Activism, &
  • Biotechnology.

*By grade students will be given course selections for the upcoming school year based on education requirements and their primary career interest and goals.

Our families choose to partner with DSS to provide their child with an affordable private school education ensuring preparation of post-secondary education or a technical career.

We understand, you have many STEM and EARLY EDUCATION program choices, within the Kansas City region, so we strive to make our course offerings different, setting ourselves apart and making your choice easier.

The school is built on these values: