Tuition FAQ’s

What is the current tuition at Dynamic System of Schools?

  • The Board of Directors has announced that tuition for grades (7-12) will be $600/mo.
  • Multi-student discounts will apply for students (siblings) from the same family, living within the same household.

Who do I call if I have a question about my bills, statements, late payments or payment schedules?

  • If you have a question pertaining to your monthly payment plan with FACTS MANAGEMENT, please contact them directly FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.
  • If you have any questions concerning billing, please call our finance office at (816) 944-3202

What options are available to help me pay tuition?

  • Dynamic School of STEM has grant funding available. Therefore, in order to receive discounted rates as noted on our Tuition Page, parents MUST fill out the Financial Aid information. Families not wanting to fill out the Financial Aid will be responsible for full tuition amount.

What options does Dynamic School of STEM offer for tuition payments?

  • Tuition can only be paid through FACTS MANAGEMENT. There are biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual school payment options available? One-time fees do apply in order to set up monthly or quarterly payments.

Why pay monthly with FACTS MANAGEMENT?

  • A monthly payment plan through FACTS MANAGEMENT enables students and families to break their tuition costs into interest-free monthly payments, rather than pay for the entire year in one or two lump sums. Simply start with your educational expenses for the school year.

How do I enroll in FACTS MANAGEMENT?

  • In just a few easy steps you can enroll in your Tuition Pay Plan online. The entire process takes just a few minutes.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

  • In order to begin the application process parents should go to the registration page. You can then create a user account using your email address and a password you select. Once you have created a user account and signed in you will be able to complete the application online.
  • Remember there is no Deadline for the Financial Aid Application, but financial aid is determined and issued on a first-come first-serve basis. All applications will start to be reviewed in June of each year, to be administered in August at the start of the school year.

Transfer, dismissal or withdrawal from Dynamic

  • Withdrawal or dismissal before the first day of school begins:
    • Any student who withdraws from Dynamic before the start of the school year is entitled to a full tuition refund, less fees and enrollment deposits.
  • Withdrawal or dismissal during the school year:
    • Any student who withdraws during the school year will be responsible for each month’s tuition while attending Dynamic from August through May.
  • There are no refunds and the entire tuition is due for any student who leaves after March 1st.

Tuition Liability

  • There are no refunds for school fees.
  • Withdrawal prior to August 15 — No Liability
  • Withdrawal between Aug. 15 and Sept 30. — 1/8 of the entire tuition
  • Withdrawal after October 1st — 2/8 of the entire tuition
  • Withdrawal after November 1st — 3/8 of the entire tuition
  • Withdrawal after December 1st — 4/8 of the entire tuition
  • Withdrawal after January 1st — 5/8 of the entire tuition
  • Withdrawal after February 1st — 6/8 of the entire tuition
  • Withdrawal after March 1st — 7/8 of the entire tuition
  • There are no refunds after March 1st of the current school year, and all tuition and fees are to be paid in full by June 1st.

What is the school’s policy regarding releasing school records?

  • Upon transfer or dismissal from Dynamic, the school will not release any school records until all tuition, fees and any other financial obligations have been paid in full.

Does Dynamic offer Educational Loans?

  • Dynamic does not offer Educational Loans.