S.T.E.M Program

S.T.E.M Program

It is important to DSS, to ensure a well-rounded STEM program offering multiple career choices and exploration. Our class offerings are based on graduation requirements but, electives will be subject to student interest.

Instruction Days are Monday – Thursday.

Required courses are taught on instruction days and typically include the following at grade level:

      • English/Grammar/Vocab/Literature
      • Budget/Finance
      • Nutrition/Wellness
      • Physical Education
      • Math
      • Social Studies/African American History/American History/Missouri Constitution

S.T.E.M Courses have labs:


      • Forensics
      • Real World Science and Math
      • Environmental Studies
      • Chemistry
      • Fitness & Physical Health


Jr. High – 

      • Coding
      • Digital Art
      • Game Design

High School –

      • Cybersecurity
      • Computer Science Principles
      • Keyboarding


      • Aerospace Engineering
      • Engineering & Product Development
      • Green Architecture


      • Bank Account Math – Jr. High
      • Consumer Math
      • Business Math
      • Algebra I & II
      • Geometry
      • Pre-Calculus

Early Literacy

      • Early Childhood
      • Curriculum Development
      • Early Literacy Research

The above list of courses is not an exhaustive list of course offerings but meant to give families and idea of possible career options to explore here at DSS.

Students will have the option to explore many courses and career options. Students will work with a career counselor to continue career exploration and internship opportunities to match.