Early Literacy Program

Early Literacy Program

Dynamic Early Education is a faith-based, enrichment-based, early literacy program for students Preschool – 2nd Grade.

Dynamic Early Education Enrichment Programs are 45-minutes of advanced academic instructions created to encourage children to develop new interest, build new skills and enhance their passion for creativity outside of the normal classroom.

Our enrichment programs are in addition to our early literacy program in which, we use Creative Curriculum, Abeka Curriculum, and Pearson Early Literacy.

Currently Open and Enrolling!!

Requirements: Age 3 by July 1, 2023 and fully potty-trained.

Art Enrichment

Children who are exposed to the arts improve cognitive
skills and learn to think creatively. They can observe and
describe, analyze and interpret, and express feelings with or
without words. Through the art making process children
practice problem-solving skills. The Arts introduce children
to cultures from around the world and show them how to
collaborate with other children and with adults.

Music Enrichment

Musical exposure for children is thought to improve
nervous system function by focusing attention on
meaningful acoustic cues and improvements in auditory
processing cascading to language skills. Participation in
music provides a solid musical foundation, setting the stage
for cognitive development, increased confidence, and
creativity in children.

Dance Enrichment

Through dance children explore movement
through music, develop physical skills, channel
energy, stimulate imagination and creativity.
Dance enhances cognitive learning skills such as
memory and communication. Through the
execution of movement patterns a child’s visual
perception and sequential learning skills are greatly
strengthened, in turn assisting young brains to
develop in the areas of reading and math.