Our History

Our History

In 2012, Dynamic received their 501c3 status and Phase I of the vision opened. Phase I was a tutoring program called Opportunity Knocks for the Kansas City Public School system. The program opened the tutoring program with a $10,000 budget, 4 volunteers, and 15 students. The tutoring program continued into summer programs that secured grants in the form of scholarship funds for students to attend. In 2015, Phase II was created in order to educate students from the ages of 2-12yrs old. Phase II started as another pilot program within Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) to provide early education for ages 2-5yrs old and an after-school program. The program was funded with a $350,000 grant from the Missouri Preschool Project (MPP) for a three-year term. This grant allowed for separation from KCPS and the ability to open our own private location in Midtown Kansas City. In 2019, Phase III of the long-term vision was launched to open Dynamic System of Schools (DSS). Dynamic System of Schools offers STEM with a lab-based curriculum.

Since inception it has always been the goal of the Joneses to follow their students, “all the way through school.” Therefore, the plan is to start the private school with Pre-K – 2nd Grades and 7th – 12th Grade in 2023. However, each year an additional grade will be added.


Dynamic School of STEM’s motto is, “Not Your Typical STEM Program.” Meaning, our program is set out to differentiate itself from typical STEM programs. On an annual basis our board picks a theme to base the elective classes around for the year ending in a final presentation.

All elective STEM courses will include a careers section to highlight the various career paths available within the field. Courses will also include a finance section to discover salaries, work in budgets, and how to discuss pay negotiation.

Yes, even in Middle School we discuss pay negotiation, this way from the very start students gain an expectation of salaries, regardless of their race or gender.

The main school building is at Concord Fortress of Hope Church Cultural Center at 11050 W Longview Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64134.


Dynamic System of Schools was created by Marcus and Samara Jones as phase III of our educational programs. Our 501c3 educational organization was created to change the social and economic landscape of minorities through education and entrepreneurship.


Our vision is to be the premier private school within the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Within 20 years, we will expand our programming to support students focused on career paths inclusive of STEM, entrepreneurship, Foreign Language, and fine arts. Starting with the School of STEM, Dynamic will create other schools of focus to help students deeply explore their interests and expand options to support their career paths.