Summer Institute

Summer Institute & Internships

Dynamic School of STEM works with STEM industry businesses to create a pipeline of networks and recruits for our students. We thrive on the opportunity to partner with Kansas City businesses to offer internships for our junior and senior students.

During Summer Institute:

  • 11th & 12th Grade students will use Lab days (Tues. & Thurs.) to intern at a local business for their choice career.
  • 7th -10th Grade students will choose online courses of study in STEM and Career Exploration.
  • All students have access to summer tutoring, course advancement, peer mentoring groups, workshops and labs.
  • Students can participate in Sports and Enrichment Camps.
  • Entrance exams will be taken but will only be used in placement of required courses.

Required Courses Include:

  • Grammar/Summer Reading
  • Budget/Finance
  • Nutrition/Wellness
  • Bible Studies
  • Math – Grade Level

Internships and Class selection will be discussed during the March 28th and 30th open houses.

Finalized schedules for grades 7-10th will be given at orientation on June 1-2nd.

Prior to the summer assignment, students will work with their counselors to apply and prepare for their internships.

Businesses where our students are interning will be listed here each summer.


$50 Enrollment Fee per family

$200/student per week (Deposit is required)

Space is limited per grade.

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