Aquaculture Program

Aquaculture Program

Aquaculture is the art, science, and business of cultivating plants and animals in water.

In partnership with J. Aquaponics, Dynamic students will participate in Aquaculture Labs and visit the Farm weekly on Lab days. J. Aquaponics provides fish for consumption, biofuel for the environment, and does health and disease research. J. Aquaponics (J.A) is a commercial fish farm focused on providing “pond to table” catfish and a STEM research program for the Kansas City Region. This partnership allows students to work on an active farm, grow and research fish, work with bioscience to transform waste into energy.

On lab days, students will be transported to the farm for lab studies and return to school for lunch and prepare for the next lab.

On lab days, our school schedule changes, as well, in which students will participate in two labs each semester.

This course emphasizes the scientific knowledge and methods necessary for aquaculture. Students learn the history, the structure and function of aquatic plants and animals, scientific marketing, general management practices supported by science, nutrition, health, water chemistry, and the role of science in structures, equipment, regulations and careers. Students develop writing and thinking skills through complementary laboratory exercises involving experimentation, data collection, analysis and written laboratory reports.